Validos helps companies in using open source software in their products and projects. Nowadays, software is to be found in different devices from instruments to televisions. Currently, Validos focuses on package-level compliance and provides reports on compliance and instructions for redistribution. Previously compliance work has been done separately inside each company, i.e. many times, but now Validos enables the companies to do this only once and to share the results of validation within the collaboration.

For this purpose, a number of companies have established Validos ry, a Finnish registered association that manages the collaborative work and holds and shares the resulting database.

The association has fourteen members (since May 2014): the combined turnover of members is over five billion euros.

Since the effectiveness of the collaborative approach increases with the increase of the number of members, membership in Validos is open to new enterprises and other entities. See more information on the activities and membership. If you are interested, please contact us.