Validos is governed by its members and no single member alone has the power to make decisions or nominate board members. The board is elected by the members of the association. As Validos is a Finnish registered association, its operations are based on the Finnish Association Act (yhdistyslaki) and the by-laws of the association. In addition, the board decides on the terms and benefits of membership.

The by-laws lay out the basic terms and requirements of the association as required by the law. Membership terms and benefits provide rules about validation reports, members’ rights to validation work, member obligations and fees, the termination of the membership, etc. As with any collaborative approach of a number of businesses, there is always the question of how to ensure that the purpose of the founding members is fulfilled within the organisation in a way that no single entity, or a group under common control, has controlling power over the organisation. In Validos, this is solved so that the founding members may collectively (for example 4 out of 6 founders at a general meeting of the association) use a veto in the election of the board.

Details about governance:

  • The association was founded by the following companies and organizations: Comptel Oyj, Fujitsu Services Oy, HH Partners Oy, Wapice Oy, COSS - The Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions / Hermia Oy, and Cybercom Plenware Oy.
  • The board of the association currently consists of representation from 6 ordinary members: Martin von Willebrand (HH Partners, chair), Markus Mäkelä (Wapice), Timo Väliharju (COSS ry), Jere Paavola (Sandvik Mining & Construction), Jani Koivulainen (Knowit), and Petri Sairila (Vaisala).
  • No chief executive officer of the association has been elected.
  • Details on membership fees can be found here.

Should you have any questions about governance model or rules of Validos, please do not hesitate to contact us.