The more members Validos has, the more useful the co-operation is for its members. That’s why we are always open for new companies and organizations.

The main membership benefits are:

  • Access to the Validos knowledge base (the validation results and use instructions for open source software packages, other materials for e.g. policy development)
  • Possibility to order validation work (the membership fee contains a minimum amount of work which can be flexibly used during a six months' period)
  • Access to Validos member meetings: the members discuss, for example, matters relating to Validos and open source compliance in general
  • Membership can be terminated at any time

The membership fee is based on the turnover of the company and includes an amount of compliance work available for use during a six-month period. This way, each member contributes to the knowledge base at the heart of the co-operation. The membership fees are the following:

Annual turnover (MEUR) Validation work per 6 months (minimum) Membership fee per month (excl. VAT)
0–2 1 hour €60
2–10 0.5 days €100
10–100 0.75 days €170
100+ 3 days €440

Value-added tax is added to membership fees as applicable. Affiliate companies of members in the highest turnover category are entitled to all benefits of the membership.

Contact us to apply for membership!