When Redistributing an Open Source Package:

1. Keep all copyright notices, license references, license texts, notice-texts and warranty disclaimers (readme.txt, notice.txt, license.txt, credits.txt and the like) intact and redistribute these together with the package when you redistribute the package.

2. Do not use the name or any mark of (i) the software, (ii) the project, (iii) any author or (iv) any copyright holder in any marketing, promotional or similar material or for such purposes, nor in the name of your product or in any other such way.

When you modify an open source package and redistribute it as modified, you should also:

3. Always mark your own modifications clearly added with the date of your change. This is typically done by markings at the beginning of the relevant file. (We also recommend that you, in connection with such markings, add your own copyright notice and the license and/or license reference, under which you license your modifications.)

When you distribute the open source package as binary, you should also:

4. Preferably always distribute the source code distribution of the original open source package together with the binary and state in the binary that the original source is distributed together with the binary.

5. If item 4 is not possible (e.g. due to space restrictions) verify that all separate text files listed in item 1 are contained in the binary distribution in a corresponding directory.